These conditions govern the use of online services and the purchase of all items presented on www.jetdryershop.com web site, below the site, run by Lela Group srl Via Stresa 6, 20125 Milan P.I.09350860962, and therefore you must be fully accepted by the user / customer / buyer at the time of use and / or purchase of the same. The customer is also required at the time of the order, to save and print this page to keep a copy.

Prices and times of order processing

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice; N.B .: The prices listed on the site are valid only for PURCHASE DIRECT ONLINE; prices and terms at our store may be different; you can still order the goods online by opting for pickup at the time, to take advantage of the conditions described herein.

Even the shipping schedule, depending on the actual availability of the products, may not be accurate: the user can still contact us at any time to request more detailed information. JETDRYERSHOP.COM disclaims any liability, however, while pledging to keep the site up to date and correct promptly any errors:

if both varied availability, JETDRYERSHOP.COM always contact the customer before proceeding to execute the order, to inform him of any changes, and consequently proceed or cancel the backorder with no penalty;
in case of price changes that occurred from the time of order, JETDRYERSHOP.COM is committed to maintaining however the price accepted by the customer with the order, or to cancel the order.

How to register

Recording on JETDRYERSHOP.COM is optional, but it offers several advantages. You may register on the site at any time (as long as it does not already own your own account, you may not register twice). To register you must have a valid email address, and provide your consent to the processing of data in the manner described in the privacy page.
The user also undertakes to provide truthful information; You are not allowed to register if you are not of legal age and in full possession of his faculties; Furthermore it is not allowed to register by providing third party data, whether it be of different legal persons or entities (except, in the latter case, the utilities registered in the name and on behalf of such entities by the legal representative or authorized person) .
Registration is considered completed from the moment the user, following the link into the message received via email, verify your email address and activate your account. Only after recording is completed, the user can log into your account with their own login credentials (email address and password). You are responsible for your login credentials, and will not provide it to third parties or disclose in any way, and access by ticking the box "stay connected" only from your computer.
The user is required to verify, integrate and maintain updated your account information by clicking on "Your data" and promptly updating the information therein as necessary.
You can grant or withdraw, at registration and at any time thereafter, their consent to the sending of newsletters and messages containing promotional offers by JETDRYERSHOP.COM by clicking on "Your data" (after the 'access) and by checking the appropriate box. The user also has the option to cancel your account, or to request information on the processing of data in the manner described in the privacy page.

How to buy

The buyer, whether a private individual / consumer that a company, corporation, organization or company, can order the products directly online, by adding the required items to their cart, and completing the order process. The shipment of the order is still subject to acceptance of these conditions, under penalty of nullity of the same; you have already registered on the site, or it can register upon placing the order.
The placing of an order by the user is subject to the same registration requirements deemed void.
The buyer will receive an order confirmation by email at the address with which he is registered; The report confirms the availability and the price of products, and the methods of payment and transportation choices, as is already visible on the site during the ordering process; any changes or problems with the order will be communicated to the customer as soon as the same order will be taken over by one of our employees.

Payment methods

E 'can pay in several ways:


PayPal / credit card or debit card: easy, fast and secure - do not require a PayPal account. Financial transactions take place exclusively on the PayPal server, for maximum security; then, only the goods are ready, we will charge the amounts authorized when the shipment leaves our warehouse; if the order should be changed once submitted (for example if an item is no longer available, or you decide to integrate your order with other items), ie before the authorization expires, we will request payment of the difference, or we will cancel all or part of the amount already authorized (see below the item Repayments).
For safety reasons, you can pay via PayPal / credit card only provide us with your landline phone number; Moreover, the destination address will be that of the cardholder; N.B .: in some countries the service is not available, in which case you can only pay by bank transfer.



Cash on delivery (in cash) for amounts (total VAT) up to Euro 990.00 (it involves a small surcharge).
N.B .: you can not pay cash on delivery in case of orders to be delivered abroad.


To pick up at our store, in cash (up to € 999,00) / ATM or credit card (VISA / MasterCard / American Express / Diners). E 'can pay to retire only withdrawing the goods in person (not by courier).


Bank transfer (in advance) to IBAN / BIC - SWIFT coordinates that you'll receive in the order confirmation.
Only opting for payment by bank transfer from the moment of the order, you will enjoy a discount of 2%, as shown as early as the order summary.

The customer agrees to pay the total amount of the order; Any bank commissions (including those on international transfers) are to be considered the sole responsibility of the customer. The amounts received, net of such fees, if not corresponding to the order, will be integrated by the customer not to cancel the order.


Withdrawal when: (at our store site in Lusciano (CE), Viale della Libertà 132) if the buyer opts for pickup at the time, not be charged shipping charges; JETDRYERSHOP.COM will communicate to the purchaser when the order can be collected; the buyer will still have to provide for payment before they are authorized to collect, or pay at the same cash withdrawal (only for amounts up to Euro 999.00), or by debit card, credit card or check for current account (up to an amount of Euro 5,999.00 and subject to authorization CENTAX).
The buyer can pick up the goods in person seat (with proof of valid ID) or inform us of which carrier intends to use (in this case paying only by bank transfer).
Expeditions in Italy: The ordered goods will be sent by carrier to the buyer, or at the destination of choice when ordering. In Italian territory the goods are normally delivered within 2 working days from time of shipment (3 days for the islands). The estimated delivery times are still highlighted when ordering; for Italian customers the item can be delivered exclusively in Italian territory;
Shipments abroad: because of the wide variety of case studies found, you can not place online orders from abroad; however it is possibilecontattarci to request a quote appropriate.
Shipping: expenses are highlighted in the basket, if present, after specifying the destination address of the goods; the amount may vary depending on the chosen destination, the weight and volume of the ordered goods (the amount will be highlighted in the basket or in the budget);
Expenses of delivery: in case you choose to pay cash on delivery, any cash expenses will be reported separately in the shopping cart;
Other fees: Optionally, you can also request the delivery service by appointment, the cost of which will be highlighted during the order.

The goods are delivered free port and road plan by charge on the invoice; in the case of bulky items, the buyer advise you to carefully assess the measures of the goods to verify the crossings through the same through doorways, corridors and hallways; if in doubt, you can request further information before proceeding with the order.
The purchaser undertakes to provide information as complete and accurate as possible about your address, and to cooperate with JETDRYERSHOP.COM and with the carrier in order to make possible the delivery of goods; in particular, in case of difficulty or failure to deliver, the buyer is obliged to promptly inform JETDRYERSHOP.COM; any unforeseen costs of storage, warehousing, delivery, etc. charged by the carrier shall be held solely by the purchaser.
Failure to collect: in case of failure to collect, if the client absconding or refuse to receive the goods, JETDRYERSHOP.COM will in turn refuse to accept further orders from the customer, as indicated below under Acceptance subject, and may also charge the customer for expenses incurred.

Reserve bubble and customer rights

The customer is obligated to accept the goods by affixing the signature always subject to control as provided by law. This is to enable us to retaliate on the carrier in case of problems.

FAILING TO PROCEED IN THIS WAY, unfortunately we will not be able to help the customer in case of problems.
In case of damaged goods, if you have followed the normal practice of signing with reservation, simply contact us and follow our directions to reach a rapid solution of the problem, whether you opt for the replacement of the goods for a refund.

VAT and possible customs duties

To online purchases apply to current Italian and international tax regulations concerning VAT and customs duties, and in principle:

The tax will not apply to purchases made by companies based in the EU with a game EU VAT;
The tax will not apply to purchases made by, and delivered to non-EU citizens, that is, residents also outside the European Union, ovverosoggetti residents in duty free zones of the same;
If the customer enjoys exemption from VAT, but not contained in the above cases, he has to inform us when ordering, as well aprodurre the necessary documentation certifying the exemption for you to order fulfillment is possible the same;
In all other cases the Italian VAT will be added.

For all shipments outside the European Union, or in duty-free zones of the same, the customer is required to check the conformity of the items you're purchasing the current customs regulations for import into the country, relieving JETDRYERSHOP. COM by responsibility and burden on them; any customs duties for import in the country of destination will still be borne by the customer.

bank charges on international transfers

To payments made by international bank transfer from Switzerland, like other countries, may apply fees; in which case these costs will be always visible while the order, so the customer can make the trade always knowing the total amount correct.

Vouchers (coupons)

The discount vouchers are issued by JETDRYERSHOP.COM in its sole discretion, and their validity is subject to the application of one or more simple rules, as indicated on the vouchers themselves;
E 'can use coupons only for the purchase of goods through our online store, only specifying the voucher code (shown in block letters on it) in the box provided, during the procedure online order; vouchers can be used only once, and are not redeemable for cash or any other benefit; evasion, total or partial cancellation of an order or the impossibility to improve it still involves the cancellation of any discount coupon inserted in the order. The coupons can not be combined with one another or with other offers.
And 'sometimes you can receive a coupon by purchasing certain products or for a certain amount of goods (as long as you do not use a discount coupon when ordering); in these cases JETDRYERSHOP.COM will issue the voucher at the time of the order, provided the required conditions are still applicable (are not issued discount coupons in response to orders for which the customer has made use of a voucher); the customer can therefore use the coupon issued starting next order.

Conditional acceptance

JETDRYERSHOP.COM reserves the right to accept or decline any orders received in its sole discretion, or to request advance payment of a sum as a deposit in case of particularly heavy orders.

Right of withdrawal


The right to withdraw is governed by Legislative Decree. N. 206 of 06/09/2005, as well as by the Legislative Decree. N. 21 of 02.21.2014. The consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activities, and thus makes the purchase not indicating in a reference to VAT) order form has the right to terminate the purchase contract without specifying the reason: to exercise this right, the customer must send JETDRYERSHOP.COM notice within 14 days from the date of receipt of goods. The communication of withdrawal must be sent by registered letter with return receipt addressed to Lela Group srl Via Stresa 6, 20125 Milano The communication can be anticipated by email to POSTMASTER@JETDRYERSHOP.COM email, or through the contact form, if confirmed with a / r letter within 48 hours. Warning: can not exercise the right of withdrawal customers who purchase with VAT.

The consumer must still follow the steps below to proceed to the return of the goods, on pain of nullity of the law. Once the goods have been made, it will be checked to verify its integrity and, where there are legal requirements, JETDRYERSHOP.COM will refund (excluding shipping charges, marking rights, and any other expenses which may be incurred).

As you exercise: Before contacting Customer Service, should have available the following documents and data:

- Original invoice (indicating the order number, invoice number, customer code)
- In case of partial withdrawal, in addition to the purchase invoice, the item code / s of products
- Bank on which to obtain the transfer (Cod. CIN - ABI - CAB - Current account consists of 12 alphanumeric characters of the invoice)

At this point you may contact Customer Service, which will inform the procedure to be taken to open the practice of withdrawal, simultaneously releasing the authorization for the return of the components.
The procedure is summarized below: AS ABOVE AND 'NECESSARY TO ENTER - by registered A / R - a communication containing the declaration of intent to exercise the right of withdrawal, indicating all the data mentioned above (order number, invoice and customer number, item number of products to be subject to withdrawal, bank details).

How is the delivery (return delivery): After activating the practice of withdrawal must include the original envelope containing the goods in a proper packaging, in order to protect the original covers of products from any damage, writing or alteration . Jetdryershop reserves the right to refuse the goods received concerning non-compliance with the above procedure.

The goods must be sent at his own expense, to the starting stock, the address specified by Customer Service. It is recommended to insure the shipment if the item should arrive damaged at the warehouse, Jetdryershop reserves the right to accept the goods.

E 'need to pin on packages shipped in a visible position, the number and the year of the order. We do not accept the shipments without the order number or invoice on the packaging, which will be returned to the sender at his expense.
For shipment, we recommend using a courier or other means to allow the traceability (tracking) of shipment. Does not reimburse the goods covered by the withdrawal, you should not receive its delivery.

How quickly it is initiating the transfer for return: within 14 days of receipt of notice but, however, not before receipt of the goods, Jetdryershop will be credited to the Customer the value of the goods resulting from the bill.

Warnings: Jetdryershop reserves as of now not to accept shipments of components or products that do not contain packaging, accessories and manuals, have been carried out without the active intervention request to Customer Service or without following the delivery mode indicated by Customer care. In such cases the transport costs of the return will be borne by the customer.


Article replacement for wrong shipment


The product replacement procedure for wrong shipment is functional when it was mistakenly sent to Jetdryershop a different product from what the customer has ordered and therefore not present in his order. The process can be activated within 8 calendar days from the date of delivery of the goods.

Activation of the service shall be made by contacting our Customer Service.

Before activating this service, you may want to compare what has arrived with the technical part of this description on Jetdryershop site, where you can view detailed photos of each item and its main technical characteristics.

The shipping costs are borne by Jetdryershop and must ship by UPS


The item must be returned in the condition in which it was delivered, and no signs of any kind, and written on the packaging and without having been opened or used in any way. It recommends the use of a rigid box and a special packaging that protects the product from damage during transport. Opening this package will be allowed, as necessary, only in cases where the package does not allow verification of the product ordered compared to that delivered.

In the event that the item listed in the invoice is no longer available, you will be contacted by Customer Service, which will provide for the issue of a Credit Note and contextual bank transfer to your bank account. The amount of the credit note and the transfer will be calculated taking into account any discounts and promotions offered on the purchase invoice.




The procedure DOA (Dead On Arrival) can be exercised in the manner prescribed by the technical data sheet of the product.

For any queries you can still contact Customer Service.

The goods must be returned DOA object using a rigid box that contains the original packaging. The latter must be absolutely free of any written or tear, complete with all the accessories supplied and the internal protection to preserve its good condition during transport.


Articles devoid of parts or components

This service can be activated within 8 days from receipt of goods, and if the same is not complete of all its parts or accessories supplied.

Before activating this service, you may want to compare what has been delivered with the technical description of the article and the accompanying materials described in the site.

Activation of the service may be effected by contact with Customer Service


Damage due to transportation


In the event that the carrier carries out the delivery with a visibly damaged packaging, it is recommended to accept the goods by affixing to the transport document the reason "Goods with visibly damaged packaging".

The Customer must then contact, no later than 8 days, Customer Service, which will open a damaging practice for the replacement of the goods. The same procedure will have to be activated with the above procedure even if the product damage.

In the event that the customer contacts the Customer Service after the eighth day, will be entitled to Jetdryershop decide to open a practice of corruption which includes the replacement of the goods.

Cancellation and expenses

Even if the customer is not an individual / consumer, and thus do not enjoy the right of withdrawal in accordance with law, JETDRYERSHOP.COM could under special circumstances admit the cancellation of the order at its sole discretion, to the exclusion any custom items as specified below; in case of cancellation by the customer, these JETDRYERSHOP.COM agree to pay the amount of the costs (such as shipping and storage) may have already been incurred.

personalized items

If the order includes personalized items, the customer must provide any logos or trademarks, and JETDRYERSHOP.COM in turn will provide the customer (where possible and appropriate) the draft or sample and, only in case of positive acceptance, the order It will be considered irrevocably confirmed and, failing by law the requirements for withdrawal, not cancellable.


Any complaints (except the right of withdrawal) must be sent by registered mail no later than the deadline of 8 (eight) working days after delivery of goods. Accreditation and substitutions may be made only once the goods have been returned, according to the following procedure to Returns voice.
JETDRYERSHOP.COM, in its sole discretion, may pay the customer an amount no greater than the price already paid for the goods, or recognize an equivalent credit in case of replacement.
JETDRYERSHOP.COM disclaims any liability in case of unavailability of products, delays or problems in delivery, non-compliance or non-compliance to specific requirements of the goods or damage caused by the use, misuse, failure to use the products; the customer agrees to indemnify JETDRYERSHOP.COM from any charge or expense arising from what in civil and criminal proceedings.

legal guarantee of conformity for goods

Texts and images are provided by the respective manufacturers and importers, for the sole purpose of illustrating the products, and may sometimes not accurately reflect the actual characteristics of the products; JETDRYERSHOP.COM is committed, whenever it becomes aware of any changes occurring, to promptly update the site; However if, for reasons of JETDRYERSHOP.COM, was delivered non-conforming goods (even without JETDRYERSHOP.COM it is directly aware of: we can not open any package, to verify the effective compliance of the content), the purchaser may avail himself of legal guarantee of conformity for goods, whereby JETDRYERSHOP.COM will cooperate to enable the replacement of non-conforming goods, or provide reimbursement upon return of the same, as long as in the original condition in which received; the terms for using the legal guarantee of conformity for goods remain fixed to the Complaints voice.

several Returns

Before returning the goods, the buyer is always obliged to ask JETDRYERSHOP.COM authorization to return (to be submitted within 14 working days); if the client exercises the right of withdrawal in accordance with law, and in any other case except when otherwise agreed, the buyer is required to provide at his own expense to return the goods, which must be received intact and in original condition, full of any packaging, packaging and related equipment.
Refunds and replacements of items not motivated by complainants, when you do not apply the right of withdrawal, will be accepted at the discretion of JETDRYERSHOP.COM, after checking the status of the returned goods, which can retain up to 10% of the price paid for reintroduction in stock; in any case you will not accept refunds for personalized items or products and food preparations.
In the absence of prior authorization, or in case of collect shipments have been agreed, JETDRYERSHOP.COM may also apply the measures it deems appropriate to the case, or refuse to receive the goods.

The goods must be sent, complete with all its parts (accessories, manuals and packaging included), in the original conditions at the address:

Lela Group srl Via Stresa 6, 20125 Milano

Warranty, repairs and replacements

All items for sale on this site are covered by the warranty of their respective manufacturers or distributors; The warranty covers manufacturing defects and failures are not attributable to normal wear and tear or improper use or not in compliance with the necessary formalities of the product, for a period of one year (two years in case the customer is a private consumer). The warranty does not include transport costs which are borne by the customer.
The ways in which espletano assistance interventions, repairing or replacement of faulty or defective items vary depending on the manufacturer, distributor and type of item, so we encourage customers to report any faults or defects found in the products so that we can in our turn request help from the producers or distributors.


JETDRYERSHOP.COM not retain sums not due in case of returned or not delivered goods, or amounts received without any title; any refunds will be credited, less any expenses incurred (banking, shipping, etc.) within 14 days by bank transfer to the bank account of the client, or via PayPal refund to the account / customer's credit card for payments made through PayPal / credit card.

quote requests

JETDRYERSHOP.COM can provide on request custom quotes for the purchase of the products presented on this site. In exchange for our commitment in developing the budget, we require the payment of a deposit of € 100.00 + VAT, which will be repaid at the time of purchase.

Comments and user submitted content

JETDRYERSHOP.COM can offer the user the ability to write their own comments and questions initiative, and insert text and content within designated areas of its www.JETDRYERSHOP.COM website.

You agree to indemnify JETDRYERSHOP.COM in civil and criminal liability in respect of any comments, questions, texts and content posted in these areas. JETDRYERSHOP.COM also undertakes, upon recommendation, to review as soon as the individual comments, questions, texts and contents reported and, if deemed inappropriate, to remove them from their www.JETDRYERSHOP.COM website at its sole discretion.

You also agree to maintain a civil conduct across all comments, questions, texts and content that fits within those areas, in particular by refraining from personal attacks on other users, but also from incorporating comments, questions, texts and nature content illegal, defamatory, racist or incites hatred or violence.

You agree to accept the judgment of JETDRYERSHOP.COM, in the person of the owner or appropriate delegates ( "moderators") in the management of any reports or violation of this agreement, which will be at the discretion of JETDRYERSHOP.COM, in removing your comments, questions, texts and inserted content, and / or the temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Download file

Any files made available for download on www.JETDRYERSHOP.COM can be downloaded to the user's own risk; you agree to indemnify JETDRYERSHOP.COM in civil and criminal from any liability arising from the download of such files, even in case of damage or adverse effects from the files or their content; if the user does not consent to this clause, you must refrain from downloading these files.

The files made available for download on www.JETDRYERSHOP.COM are provided at the discretion of JETDRYERSHOP.COM, and can be removed from JETDRYERSHOP.COM at any time without notice, in its sole discretion.

contract validity

The user / purchaser agrees with JETDRYERSHOP.COM that even in the case of invalidity of one or more of these terms and conditions, the remaining conditions remain valid.


In case of dispute, the competent forum will be to MILAN